Protective Armor Design

Customized Design

You can be stylish while preventing the epidemic.


Choose your own protective gear to fight against the virus.


Most people are not required level A or Class 1 protective suit, Instead, those kind of protective gear should be saved for medical personnel, our protective clothing can be used repeatedly, Since protective suit disposed each time after used are not environment friendly, our protective clothing can be a casual wear, stylish, and comfortable, the face guard provides protection from droplets while you are in a confined space, Virus can't be seen, but we can always be ready for epidemic prevention.


Any Occasion


For Unisex. During business trips, you can protect yourself on the plane. Specially designed for confined spaces, suitable for sports and leisure activities.

Customized Printing Design


Printed with a special slogan to remind everyone to keep social distance. Customize jacket pattern design for each company.

Full Protection


Detachable droplet prevention face guard with high performance anti-fog treatment.  A high-neck design, where wearing a mask provides extra protection.  With waterproof zipper and face guard,  You can always have conversations with others freely.

Taiwan Functional Fabric

Fabric Made In Taiwan


Protective clothing passed EN14126:2003 / ISO 16604:2004 with a relatively high protection class,  which means it has a higher protection level.

Antivirus and Protection


The inner fabric has high performance of membrane lamination, Where it can effectively block pathogens with highest level of protection. The moisture wicking ability, provides extra comfort when worn. Inside sewing parts are fully waterproof with seam seal to prevent bacteria.