Leader Fashion cooperates with the century-old company of down feathers. The quality of down feathers is the same as Western fashion brand and Japanese brand. It gives customers the most comfortable hand touch.


Down Garment Filling


Before down garment filling, down feather pass through the strictly of disinfection procedure by automatic cleaning equipment in cleanroom. After the cleaning procedure, down feather could always maintains the quality and stabilize on high level of fill power, which able to keep warming up your body even under the humid environment.

Down Quality


Leader Fashion chosen the down feather that certificated through various strictly inspection agency in order to avoid garment fill with inferior down feather. We could also provide the services of customized down quality and inspection to meet the different national or regional standards inquiry. We have strong confidence that our down quality should be the best.

Nano Water Repellent Down


Most down and feather will easily form into a lump after damped, then losing the quality of warmth and not easy to dry. Therefore, we created Nano Water Repellent Down in order to provide a better choice of long-term outdoor activities or under humid environment. The Nano coating on down surface can be enhance oil resistant to level 5, and water repellency upgraded from level 4 to level 7, Nano Water Repellent Down will be always dry and warm.


Colorful Down Feather


We turned white down into multi-color down by dyeing it with single color tone and mix together. Colorful down could provide more possibility on fashion design. This technology is certified by ITS or SGS and also obtain the approval of chemical drug testing from Europe. It is safe to use on any garment, please do not worry about the dyestuff or color down quality.